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TD Double Bender – precise, fast, flexible and innovative
High Standards and Long Service Life – THAKO Models
The THAKO model, the Thalmann Company’s flagship folder, was primarily designed for ambitious facade and roof constructors as well for the industry sector - it combines decades of experience,development and engineering of long-length folders. The ingenious design of the THAKO meets virtually all customer requirements and allows for increasing requirements in terms of efficiency, flexibility, durability and safety.
The Panel-Beating Machine – The ZR Design
The ZR model is a newly constructed, sturdy and fully hydraulic swing-folding machine with standard lengths of 3.2 m (10.5 ft) up to 12.0 m (39.37 ft); it was developed especially for the sheet metal workshops. This model can be adapted to requirements with a variety of accessories.
TC-300 Double Bender – the Bending Machine with Two Bending Flanges
Sophisticated profiles in façade and roof construction
often contain z-bends.On conventional bending machines such profiles must be repeatedly rotated and turned during the bending operation. With the double bender, such manual handling is a thing of the past. The sheet metal is held by grippers, which move the profile to its next position. Depending on requirements, the sheet metal is bent upwards or downwards according to the preset angle.
MAGNUM – Unique Wedge Cut Technology.
Cutting and Bending up to 3 mm Sheet Thickness

In addition to the already convincing swing-folding technology from Thalmann AG, we are introducing
exclusive wedge cutting technology. With the development of these special shears, damaged sections from the strip belong definitely to the past. This patented slitting system leaves neither scratches nor deformations.
Competitive in Price and Performance – The QUIK Model
This low-priced panel-beating model offers all strengths
and skills of Thalmann machine and is available in
different versions. The standard model is equipped with hydraulic clamp beam and bending flange, manual cutter and the control panel DS 2500. Torsion shafts guarantees parallel course of motions for the clamp beam and the bending flange. The integrated synchronization and alignment system allows a readjusting at anytime. CNC graphic controller and programmable back gauge are just some of the options that can be supplied for the QUIK model.
For Futher Details Contact : - technocrafts666@yahoo.co.in, info@technocraftspune.com, sales@technocraftspune.com