HM 650

The machine’s concept:

By a double deburring effect at sheet metals we could halve the deburring time. Upper and lower surface are deburred thereby in only one processing step.
A safe enterprise on each work bench is possible by the stable execution.
An underframe is available as option. The penetration depth of the brushes can be adjusted with a handle

 Horizontal Milling Machine are normally used for Slitting/Side & Facing of such jobs & also used to make keyways, slots, auto components, Agriculture Parts, Tractor & Truck Parts etc. It has rigid Overarm & cutters could be mounted in arbour or directly in spindle taper for facing. The table can beswivel4S degrees in both sides. The Horizontal Milling machines are always had non swivel tables. The attachments like Vertical attachment, Rack Cutting Attachment, Slotting Attachment, Dividing Head, Machine Vice, Mobbing Attachment can also fit on Universal Milling Machine or on Horizontal Milling machine. The Horizontal Milling Machines are available in Hydraulic models. The Hydraulic Horizontal Milling Machine is used to do high production for many types of components with high rate rapid at 3800 mm/min & variable feed range.

We guarantee:

– clean edge roundness
– no surfaces damage
– high service life of the brushes





2 x KVA 400V

3 x KVA 400V


2 Brushes, Diameter 300

3 Brushes, Diameter 300

Machine size

1000 x 700 x 600

1700 x 700 x 600


ca. 120 Kg

ca. 150 Kg


 HM 500

HM 650

Table Size

 1100 x 300

 1300 x 300




X-Traverse (Longitudinal)

 500 (Hyd.)

 650 (Hyd.)

Y-Traverse (Cross Traverse)

 200 (Manual)

270 (Manual)

Z-Traverse (Vertical Traverse)



Table Loading Cpacity

 200 Kgms

 350 Kgms

Spindle Taper Standard

ISO 40

 ISO 40

Spindle Speeds & Range

 (45-1100 RPM’s)

 9 (45-1100 RPM’s)


25.4 mm or as required

25.4 mm or as required

Feed Range

Hydraulic Variable

 Hydraulic Variable


Quick @ 2000 mm/min

Quick @ 3300 mm/min

Milling Spindle Motor

 2 HP (960 RPM’s)

3 HP (960 RPM’s)

Hydraulic Power Pack Motor

 2 HP (1440 RPM’s )

3 HP (1440 RPM’s)

Coolant System, if Required

 0.1 HP

 0.1 HP

* 3 H.P. Power Pack / Oil Cooler is Optional (Extra) * Oil Chiller is Optional



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