Punching Machine Combicut

The Plasma Punch combination
Max. open height
0 mm
Max. stop range in X

In a joint effort with the fine plasma technology firm of Kjellberg, Boschert has developed a cost effective alternative to combination punch / laser machines.
Because of the advances in the fine plasma technology in recent years, it is now possible to cut even thin gauge sheet metal with very high quality.
An additional advantage of the Boschert CombiCut is that our EccoLine, TWIN and TRI Machines can all be equipped with plasma.
With this versatility Boschert can meet all customers requirements.

Productivity, Quality, Flexibility:
decisive in the competition
With the introduction of the HiFocus technology in the year 2000, the world of plasma cutting saw a new dimension of productivity, quality and variety of application, all based on the well accepted FineFocus technology. The exceptional quality of the cutting surfaces is characterized by dross free cuts, the fine tolerance of the cut angle and straightness of cut, as well as smoothness of the cut edge and a positioning tolerance of +/- 0.2 mm. In addition, repeatability is 0.03 mm and is based on the technology of the HiFocus system, which is known world-wide. 

Soft-Switch Inverter Technology
Technological flexibility, achievable cutting quality and availability of the cutting system depend extensively on the coordination between power source and plasma cutting torch. Furthermore the productivity is influenced significantly by the configuration of the power source. Primary-switched electronic power sources offer optimal possibilities for realising those demands. For this reason the inverter power source HiFocus 160i was developed, having the favourable working range of 4 to 160 A. 

Further advantages are:
• Superior cutting quality due to flexible adaption of the process sequence to the cutting job
• Optimized cutting process by fast control of the cutting current, high dynamic response at small contours and reduced run-in path, corner signal, etc.
• Longetivity of consumables by controlled current rampup and ramp-down during the start and stop sequence and at piercing as well
• Rapid operation start because of extremely fast transition from pilot arc to main arc
• Small components, therefore low weight
• Improved energy balance due to minimized switching losses
• Independent of mains fluctuations
• All cutting parameters controllable by serial interface; serial data transfer to PC for diagnostic purposes

Working Range
Combicut 750×1500 1580 x 810 mm
Combicut 1000×2000 2080 x 1060 mm
Combicut 1250×2500 2580 x 1310 mm
Combicut 1500×3000 3080 x 1560 mm

Plasma power 160 A
Max. sheet thickness 12 mm clamp-opening
Max. sheet length 9999 mm by repositioning
Max. plasma-cutting force 35 mm
Max. punching force 280 kN (Option 400 kN)
Max. workpiece weight 200 kg

Max. positioning speed
X- axis 60 m/min
Max. positioning speed
Y- axis 60 m/min
Simultaneous X & Y 85 m/min
Max. stroke rate punching 400 1/min
Max. stroke rate marking 800 1/min

Trumpf Tools
Max. punching diameter 105 mm or any shape
within 105 mm
Revotool 4 / 6 / 7 / 8 stations
Tool changing time 1 sec. Revotool,
15 sec. manual
Punching accuracy
Positioning accuracy + 0,10 mm
Repeatability + 0,03 mm
Programmable chutes for plasma and punching parts 500 x 500 mm max.

Space requirement and weights
Combicut 750×1500 6000 x 4800 x 2110 mm Weight 13500 kg
Combicut 1000×2000 7000 x 5400 x 2110 mm Weight 14500 kg
Combicut 1250×2500 8000 x 6000 x 2110 mm Weight 16300 kg
Combicut 1500×3000 9000 x 6500 x 2110 mm Weight 17400 kg
Electrical values 60 KVA


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