Hydraulic Press Brake Profi 56 CNC

Max. open height
0 mm
Max. stop range in X

Fun is the name of a machine that has been designed for a optimum of productivity.
We integratet the human that operates the machine in the design to reach this goal.
This machine fits the operator like a good piece of cloth.
With its :
Ø Perfect working position
Ø Low noise concept
Ø Relax table
Ø Built in music
and an absolutely user-friendly controller offers the Profi 28 Fun a base of a long lasting
friedship between user and machine.
Beside this is the Profi 28 Fun what you expect from Boschert. Perfect quality,
strong and reliable with long lasting value.
Included are:
– Punch and die holder adaptation system Amada
– Double guided ram with high precision linear guides
– 2 side and height adjustable depth stops
– Movable foot pedal
– Safety according CE-Norm.
– Front guiding system.
– CNC control for angle and length programming.
– Programmable bending pressure.
– Laser bending line finder
– Relax Arm rest
– Working light
– Ergo chair
– Radio and cd player

Tonnage – 280 kN
Bending length – 1000 mm (1400mm*)
Weight – 4000 Kg
Width – 2400 mm
Depth – 1200 mm
Height from floor – 2020 mm
Width b/w. columns – 2100 mm
Throat – 200 mm
Width of worktable – 2 x 270 mm
Operating height – 850 mm
Max. open height – 325 mm
Y-Travel – 200 mm
Max. stop range in X – 500 mm
Normal speed – 8-10 mm/s
Return speed – 30 mm/s
Repeatability – +/- 0,02
Connected load – 12 kVA
Control – Labod (Optional)

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