Copper Bar Punching Machine CU-Profi

Copper bar work
made easy

Max. stroke per minute
Max axis
Max. punching pressure

The machine is made for efficient punching of copper bars and is equipped with:
CNC controlled punching machine with 5 Heads tooling system AMADA (station B)
Punching of copper bars up to 4 m long (option up to 6 m) and with a wide of 15 mm up to 200 mm and a
thickness from 3-12,7 mm.
Hydraulic aggregate with 11 KW motor and oil cooling
Feeding system takes place with special clamps which ensures complete processing with no waste.
This feeding unit is supported on a linar guide and AC servomotor which guarantees a repetition accuracy of plus minus 0,1 mm.
Safety-protective-grating and light-barrier-system according CE – Norm.
Hydraulic material clamping in y – axis before and after punching ensures processing without bending of the finished parts.
Unloading table behind the punching head
User friendly graphic software
Automatic waste removal
Front table support

Maximum dimensions of work piece
Length 3000 mm (Option 6000 mm)
Width 15-200 mm
Thickness 3-12 mm
Punching force 1 x 400 KN
Max axis 60 m/min
Max. stroke per minute 180
Number of tool stations 5
Max. Number of punching tools 5
Special length thick turret tooling Max. Diameter 31,7 mm
Axes accuracy during punching process
Positioning Accuracy + – 0,10 mm
Repeatability + – 0,05 mm
Space requirement and weights 1
Length 7500 mm (9000 mm)
Width 3000 mm
Height 2100 mm
Weight 6000 kg
Electrical values
Electrical connecting value 25 kVA
Hydraulic motor 11 kW
Required fuse 3 x 35 A
Pneumatic connecting value 4 bar
Hydraulic oil 160 Liter

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