Hydraulic Copper Bar Punching Machine Type CU-WK II

The copper bar expert

Max. stroke per minute
Max axis
Max. punching pressure

The machine is made for efficient punching of copper bars and is equipped with:

CNC controlled punching machine with 5 Heads tooling system AMADA (station D)

Punching of copper bars up to 6 m long and with a wide of 20 mm up to 200 mm.

Feeding system takes place with 3 clamps which ensures complete processing with a minimum of waste. This feeding unit is supported on a fast rack and pinion drive and an AC servomotor which guarantees a repetition accuracy of plus minus 0,05 mm.

Hydraulic material clamping in y – axis before punching ensures processing without bending of the finished parts.
Unloading system
User friendly graphic software
Automatic waste removal
Front table support

Possible equipment at the CU WK II :
5 x Amada – Adaptation size D
5 x Adapter size for die D to D
2 of 5 heads prepared for Multitool for Amada type tools 4 – way with 2 times size A and 2 times size B or 6 – way with 6 times size A
CNC/KAD Software to import of DXF files
Extra head with screwing and drilling attachment type “Suhner”

Maximum dimensions of work piece
Length 6000 mm
Width 15-200 mm
Thickness 1-15 mm
Punching force 2 x 400 KN + 3 x 280 KN
Max axis 60 m/min
Max. stroke per minute 150
Number of tool stations 5
Max. Number of punching tools 15
Tapping unit yes
Special length thick turret tooling Max. Diameter 76,2 mm
Multitool 4-Stations with each 2 x 31,7 + 2 x 12,7 mm
Multitool 6-Stations with 6 x 12,7 mm
Axes accuracy during punching process
Positioning Accuracy + – 0,10 mm
Repeatability + – 0,05 mm
Space requirement and weights 1
Length 11500 mm
Width 5000 mm
Height 2100 mm
Weight 13.000 kg
Electrical values
Electrical connecting value 30 kVA
Hydraulic motor 11 kW
Required fuse 3 x 35 A
Pneumatic connecting value 4 bar
Hydraulic oil 160 Liter

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