Punching Machine Eccoline

A must for every sheet metal company

Max. Sheet Thickness
0 mm
Max. punching pressure
Max. stroke rate
strokes / min

All ECCO Line machines are equipped with 28 t punching pressure (40 t on request) and Trumpf Tooling system.

All models are equipped with:

  • Constant punching pressure
  • Maintenance free hydraulic drive
  • One stripper holder an plate
  • Two different stroke length

The ECCO Line earns money with:

  • Small and medium series
  • Single pieces and prototypes

Tooling System

The worldwide approved Trumpf tooling system is used on the ECCO Line (other systems on request, e.g. Amada, Rainer, XX28). The tool is put directly into the tool holder without an intermediate case. Through the large propagation of the Trumpf tooling, the machine is virtually always ready for operation.
7 seconds. The largest tool diameter is 105 mm (4″). Besides a wide range of standard toos, it is possible to manufacture arbitrary tool within the range of 105 mm diameter. The metal loss from sharpening will be compensated through changes of the punch stroke length. Exact alignment of cutting tools with ridig clamping ensures long tool life. It also enables the use of angled Whisper-Tools which can achieve a noise reduction of up to 50%.

Working Area
EL 300 x 500 370 x 700
EL 500 x 1000 570 x 1200
EL 750 x 1500 820 x 1700
Max. sheet thickness 12,7 mm
Max. hydraulic punching pressure 280 kN / 400 kN Speeds
Max. stroke rate 100 strokes / min
Trumpf ® style tools
Max. punching diameter Ø 105 mm or any shape fitting
within 105 mm / 74 mm
Optional 92 x 92 mm
Tool change time 15 sec. manual

Accuracy of Punching
with standard measuring scales + – 0,2 mm
with digital readout + – 0,1 mm
Space requirement and weights
EL 300 1520 x 940 x 1540 mm weight 1800 kg
EL 500 2400 x 1580 x 1540 mm weight 2500 kg
EL 750 3400 x 1580 x 1600 mm weight 3400 kg
Electrical Values 28 / 40 T. Electrical connection value 5 / 8 kVA
Hydraulic motor 4,0 / 5,5 kW
Required fuse 3 x 16 A / 3 x 16 A
Hydraulic oil 50 / 115 litre

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