TZ Long Folder


The innovative TZ model emerged as a synergy and further development of two preceding models, the THAKO and ZR series.
The TZ unites the best elements of centuries of Swiss engineering skill and is now impressive in its own right through its numerous innovations. 
In particular, the INNOVATIVE VFD (Vertical Force Drive) DESIGN PRINCIPLE is second to none. The machine stands are formed in the shape of “rigid C frames”.
With its vertical tool alignment, the VFD produces a great amount of vertical clamping force for hemming. The integration of the globally unique kinetic CONTROL SHAFT TECHNOLOGY is not only clever from a technical viewpoint, but also offers real added value by distributing the output from all of the machine stands evenly over the clamping and folding beams. Additional free space and flexibility are provided by the newly designed CLAMPING BEAMS and the OFFSET FOLDING BEAM. With the most modern drive technology, the TZ provides measurably improved energy efficiency with considerably higher folding dynamics. Torsion-free profiles are created by a smooth-running, servo-drive-controlled DYNAMIC CROWNING system which impressively compensates for any edge-pressure effects which may occur. The NEW LONGITUDINAL SLITTER concept is detached from the folding beam and thus prevents disruptive influences during the folding process.

  • Increased bending accuracy and additional free bending space
  • Reduction of processing costs and increased capacity utilisation
  • Higher throughputs and increased capacity
  • Faster bending speeds and more flexibility
  • Better part quality and reduction of costs per bended part
  • Lean manufacturing processes and increased safety
  • Access to new markets and competitive advantages
  • Minimal maintenance requirements and longevity of machines
  • Integrated automated solutions and open interfaces
  • Modular  Tool Geometry
  • Unique Control Shaft Technology
  • Electrical Longitudinal Slitter
  • Comprehensive Safety Concept
  • Radius Adjustment And Crowning
  • Fully-automatic Back Gauge
  • Tool geometry with 275° free space
  • Straight clamping beam with a 35° angle of inclination
  • Straight folding beam geometry with a 15° inclination
  • VFD (Vertical Force Drive) design
  • Kinetic control shaft technology
  • Energy-efficient fre. con. high-performance hydraulics
  • Adjustable sheet supporting table
  • Manually adjustable folding beam crowning
  • Safety laser for clamping and cutting
  • Graphic CNC touch-screen controller
  • Remote maintenance using TeamViewer software
Technical Data

Models – TZ125 | TZ150 | TZ200 | TZ300

Max. folding capacity* –  1,25 | 1,50 | 2,00 | 3,00 mm**
Working length – From 3,2 to 12,0 m***
Throat depths – 1250 mm****
Folding beam width – 15/10 + add. rail 10 mm*****
Max. folding angle – 143°
Folding accuracy – ± 0,5°


*At 400 N/mm2 / 58 ksi
**18 | 16 | 14 | 11 ga
***10.5 to 39.4 ft
****49.21 in
*****0.59/0.39 + 0.39 in

  • Detached automatic slitter
  • Roll-forming unit for special profiles
  • Side-adjustable spring-loaded finger back gauge
  • Curved clamping beam geometry
  • Offset folding beam geometry (as of version TZ 200)
  • Tapered back gauge
  • Automatic radius adjustment (standard from TZ 150)
  • Dynamic crowning adjustment
  • Folding beams with interchangeable tools
  • HARDOX beam tools
  • LED clamping line lighting

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